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Looking for some help

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Posted 09 May 2021 - 07:32 PM

Never heard of anything like LEDs breaking an ECU. Even shorting them out
should be a small risk. They should be designed in such a way to take some
abuse before failing.

With canbus i guess it opens a whole can of worms, could a lighting defect cause
issues with other circuits?

I would expect a checksum to be applied so one circuit does not give commands to

The low fuel pressure needs looking into, coincidence or cranking with a weak battery
blown a fuse or burnt a wire out?

Yes... I think your right...The Guy I know is very Good but after diagnosing (& As you know) I went for new afl lights only to find a “green” with corrosion n/s connector had been problem, we haven’t spoke since...Though I intend to call just to ensure him there’s no hard feelings... I hear He has had his own fair share of terrible times so a bit of comfort is in order....There’s been many cases on forum where your original thoughts have led to answers...Many, Many , Times...We ALL owe you a debt of gratitude...Fondest Regards

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Soz 4 being a pain Purple....Any tips on heater vent removal?....little clip for shutting both flaps has dropped inside....I tried to PM Ray but the app said he couldn’t accept any more messages?....Many Thanks In Advance.....

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