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New Mk4 Diesel owner

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#1 Mart1001


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Posted 02 March 2021 - 11:19 AM

Hi, after first owning a series of Escorts during the 90's, followed by a Mondeo Mk1, Mk2 and then a Mk3 for the past 10 years, I have just moved up to a 61 plate 1.6 econetic. I had a few different options when buying including a nice 2.0 Titanium, but in the end went for the 1.6 because of the nice condition, the milage of 109K and the colour.

I have to admit I'm so impressed with the ride and just how nippy it is, I thought it would feel flat after driving my 2.0 petrol for the last 10 years, but it feels great....3rd gear just keeps pulling with an attitude of 'yea, what else can I show ya'.


I've never owned or even driven(much) a diesel car and know absolutely nothing about them so I'm just seeking general guidance. Maintenance, driving a diesel, even starting a diesel. I started it up earlier from cold expecting to have to wait for a glow plug symbol to go out on the dash but, when I first turned on the ignition there was nothing illuminated. I waited and after about 10 seconds I noticed the glow plug light flash on and off I turned the key and it fired up straight away. Is that it ? Is this what happens or have I got a dodgy glow plug lamp ?


I'm currently sitting in waiting for the delivery of 5 litres of 5w/30, a filter and some roof bars I need to fit for my job. I haven't even located the drain or filter housing yet. The current oil is pretty black, so that's the first job, I'll also be having a look at the condition of the belt and will be looking to replace it either way at some point this year.


I really can't find much information about this engine, other than it's a Peugeot. How does it compared to the 2.0 in size and shape ? Almost every thread I read or video I watch, is 2.0 based so I stop watching as I doubt it would help me if the design is completely different or am I it just a bore difference ?


I've been a member of the forum for 10 years and have spent the majority of those years on the MK3 section after basically rebuilding my 1.8LX with a donor 2.0 Ghia and trying to help others with their problems. I've messed with cars, changing engines, rebuilding suspension all of my adult life, so I'm not scared of getting my hands dirty but as I say, always petrol cars. I know nothing about diesels.


So again, any general information you think would be helpful as I start out on this new venture would be greatly appreciated.




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Posted 02 March 2021 - 03:59 PM

Glowplugs rarely needed to start a modern diesel the higher compression

ratio on modern engines provides  fair bit of heat from a cold start.


The glowplug helps the emissions though, even though the light is off does not

mean they are not active or working.


Drive it like a petrol, dont let it lug around at low revs, bad for the DMF.


The oil is always blank unless you flush it 3 or 4 times, thats the only time

I have seen clean oil in an older diesel.



Funny you say the 1.6 feels fast, i have the 2L and after a 2.2L MK3 which is more

powerful and lighter the MK4 2L is flat and slow...  :)



Downside to the MK3 a cambelt.  :(    Oh and it uses more fuel stupid DPF.

MK4.5 TDCI 140 Business Estate.



Adding your location may find someone local who could offer assistance.

F-Super, Bluetooth OBDII (ELM) and a MS509 scanners (test subjects required).

ForDiag now available to victims.

#3 ST56


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Posted 02 March 2021 - 07:52 PM



As post above, first thing you notice with a Diesel engine. Oil goes black very soon after a change.


When I started driving a Diesel, ( MK3 ST ) always made a point of booting car up through the gears at least once in a journey. Lots of items to jam or block up so a blast each trip seemed to help prevent this. But don’t leave to end of journey, let revs drop to normal towards home to help cool turbo before switching off.



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