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Poor mpg

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#21 raynkar


    Dash cams, catch 'em out :)

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Posted 01 January 2021 - 02:35 PM


Hi Ray, quick? Isn't your 0 to 60 time a long 10.8 secs?
Electric would have to be Tesla or similar for me so I am always £50k short of what I have, ha ha
Talking Tesla they are only electric Mondeo's anyway, but with far more inferior build quality compared to Ford!


I just had to look up the 0-60, apparently it’s 8.4 seconds.

When I said away from the lights I meant just that :)

To get a similar instant acceleration from my old 2.0 diesel mondy you would have needed to be having the revs at something like 3000 rpm and drop the clutch.


The ioniq is certainly faster from the lights than my old 180hp mk3.5 Focus ST line. Overall the car isn’t particularly speedy in any way, but it’s really growing one me. At first I was just glad to get shot of the Focus as the mk4 is a cheap heap of junk, but since then the better tech and much easier way to drive in the Ioniq has just made it a pleasure to drive. :)

I suspect any new make of car could feel the same

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You can put your vehicle info at the bottom of your posts to give details to help others know what you drive :)

#22 Communist


    Mk3 4 LYFE

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  • Name:Karl Marx
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Posted 02 January 2021 - 11:55 AM


I'm suprised I can get 19.5 mpg out of my V12 XJS, seeing that it has 3 times the cylinders and displacement, and no electrical trickery at all. I guess because it's so unstressed at motorway speeds. When I bought it my then boss said that he thought it was a bit unfair that his new Mercedes Diesel was going to be banned from Bristol, yet my V12 was allowed in :)


I don't need to go there any more fortunately, but when I did i'm glad they didn't do what London did and put a charge on Euro 3 petrols. It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, since most Euro 4 petrols were just carried over straight from Euro 3 era without any real changes. Oh well. It seemed a bit odd that my 2003 Cooper S was exempt the charges despite being in a £300/year tax band, yet I'd have to pay for my 2005 Mondeo which is far cleaner, and a 2006 Mk3 which is otherwise pretty much identical is also exempt.


So screw em, if I've got to pay the same amount, I'm gonna drive the jag :D

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#23 tomskys



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  • Name:tom
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Posted 06 January 2021 - 02:24 PM

only getting 244 to a full tank :crazy: :crazy: :darn: :darn: and no problems that i can see burning a bit of oil mondeo mk 3 duratec he estate 2.0

Oh Yeah,Were Flapless,Baby.

#24 richard-cranium



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Posted 19 January 2021 - 03:28 PM

2003 TDCi 115 remapped to 150 and get 30-40 mpg with 45+ on a "run"

02 Silver Mondeo Estate LX 2.0l DuraTorq TDDi 115

'53 Deep Rosso Red Mondeo Estate Ghia X 2.0L DuraTorq TDCi 115, Remapped, Eibach Pro Lowered on 8.5"x18" Bola B7. 

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