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Mk3 Galaxy: most economical way to get a second key?

galaxy mk3 key fob immobiliser

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#1 jonny


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Posted 07 September 2020 - 04:46 PM

Hi all. 


I've just bought a 10 plate Galaxy and am looking for some help regarding keys...


The car only came with one key fob. I'd like to get a second, so that we have a spare in case the first gets lost/broken. Ideally without forking over £200+ to a Ford dealer, if this can be avoided. But it seems that the hard part is programming the new transponder to the car's immobiliser system (PATS).


I've found various places selling replacement fobs with the (apparently) correct 4D63 transponder chip for around £25-£30. And it appears that, using the paid version of Forscan (£16.55 for 3 years) and a suitable OBD2 adapter (another £25), the new fob can be programmed to the immobiliser. So in theory, I could have a new and fully functional fob for £70 + whatever the cost of cutting the blank key is, at a guess another £10-£15. And into the total price I end up with full Forscan functionality for 3 years.


Am I missing any steps here? From what I gather the common problems are keys with the wrong type of transponder chip, used keys whose transponder chips are already programmed with codes for another vehicle, and using the wrong type of ODB2 adapter (i.e. one that cannot do HS/MS CAN switching, or anything that uses bluetooth/wifi). I've seen reference on some sites to certain Ford vehicles requiring "Incodes" from Ford via their ETIS system before you can program a new transponder, but it looks like this doesn't apply to the Galaxy - can anyone confirm?


Alternatively, has anyone had a new fob supplied, cut and programmed by an automotive locksmith, and if so what was the total cost of this?


Any help much appreciated.



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Posted 07 September 2020 - 11:45 PM

Mondeo security changed around 2010, bought my car with only one key and

a 2nd cost me over £100.


Try your local locksmiths, should be plenty.  The place i took mine to had to plug it in

and wait 15 or 20 minutes. Stops someone using the software to steal the car i guess.


He said the older security was easier and cheaper to add more keys.


Cheapest option get your current key cloned, thats cheap but you dont get to create new

keys or erase missing keys.

MK4.5 TDCI 140 Business Estate.



Adding your location may find someone local who could offer assistance.

F-Super, Bluetooth OBDII (ELM) and a MS509 scanners (test subjects required).

ForDiag now available to victims.

#3 paule123


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Posted 08 September 2020 - 06:38 PM

Look on Facebook Marketplace there are plenty on there. They will cut a key and clone your existing key chip (so no programming of car). I was quoted £90.

#4 jonny


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Posted 23 September 2020 - 08:09 PM

Cheers chaps.


Probably overcautious but I just don't trust key cloning services. Especially guys trading on Facebook... It's all to easy for them to clone an extra key and help themselves to a car. (Although I fully accept that it's debatable as to who would bother their arse for 4 grands' worth of diesel Ford Galaxy!)


Anyway, I succeeded in sourcing the right blank key and a suitable OBD2 adapter, and getting the key cut, remote fob programmed and immobiliser programmed to work with my car.


I bought a new blank keyfob for £20.69 from "remotefobcentre" on ebay. First checked with the seller that the key could be supplied with the transponder set to 40 bit mode; these keys have an 80 bit transponder that can be configured in 40 bit mode, I think it was 2011 onward that Ford switched to 80 bit, my 2010 registered/2009 built Galaxy uses the older 40 bit transponder.


Local cobbler/key repair chap cut the blank key blade to match the old one for a mere £5.


Remote lock/unlock was programmed by the "ignition on/off 4 times" method described here: operation.


Finally, I bought a modified ELM327 OBD2-USB adapter for £20 from "ez-office-supplies" on ebay. This has auto HS-CAN/MS-CAN switching functionality which is needed to communicate with the PATS module. I did have trouble with the first adapter that I received but the seller was genuinely helpful with this, and very quickly sent out a replacement adapter which worked a treat.


I signed up for the free 2 month trial of Forscan extended version. Having used this successfully I will definitely be getting the paid version when the trial expires, it's excellent value at just under £17 for a 3 year licence.


I programmed the new key using the procedure here:

...although I skipped the "Erase keys" step as I didn't want to risk ending up with no working keys.


A grand total of under £46 spent and I've got a fully working, non-cloned second key for my Galaxy. Considering doing a third key as the blank plus cutting will stand me at <£26 and the original Ford keyfob is looking rather battered after 10 years and 5 previous owners!

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