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Why parts websites list two versions of the Duratec 25 in Mk3 Saloon V6's (one with 24v and one without)?

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Posted 15 November 2020 - 12:53 PM



I don’t really trust info on Wikipedia as gospel but reading this page it seems that reason for there being two variations of 2.5 V6 may be the partnership with Mazda and desire to move capacity below 2500cc. https://en.wikipedia...ratec_V6_engine



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Posted 16 November 2020 - 10:17 AM

I just posted a long winded post but this stupid website logged me out while I was doing it and then deleted what i wrote, and i can't be bothered to redo it so I'll just summarise:


Cantfixwontfix what you say about the ebay stuff now showing on multiple ones like hatchback and estate - it definitely wasnt doing that when i posted this, it only showed on saloon. So now it is showing on others i think that does confirm its a bug in their database or something.


Secondly i looked at haynes website for the two workshop manuals for the mk3 (2000 - 2003 and 2003 - 2007), the prefacelift book shows it covers engines "and 2.5 litre (2495/2499/2544cc) V6" and the facelift book says it covers "Ford Mondeo 2.5L (2455cc) (2003 - 2007) Ford Mondeo 2.5L (2499cc) (2003 - 2007) Ford Mondeo 2.5L (2544cc) (2003 - 2007)".  So even they havent got a clue.


I think unless someone who actually knows for definite whats going on comes here and puts the issue to rest i'll just chalk this one up to a good old fashioned cock up in the flow of information.

#13 Communist


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Posted 17 November 2020 - 05:15 PM

Could be I suppose, the 2.5l has been a few different cars. The Ford Contour in America (basically the US Mondeo), and the Mercury Cougar had it as did some other car makes, Lincoln I think had a model that used it I think. Over here too it got used in not just the Mondeo but the Ford Cougar (Euro version of the Mercury Cougar). And of course there were other car makers who used their own versions of the engine, Mazda and Jaguar being notable. As for the 3.0l, that too got used in various different cars, it was even stuck in a Noble M400 (albeit tuned and modified).


I never actually looked at one of these database searches, but having a quick glance at eBay, I've found that actually this 2451cc engine shows up under all Mondeo years and all variants of the Mondeo, not just the Saloon the OP mentioned. On Eurocarparts it doesn't list it at all (their search is a lot lighter than ebay's). Makes me believe even more this has just been an error somewhere. Even if the 2451cc exists, again I can't find any info on it so if it was for a Mondeo in a different market then it's worth saying that if you're in the UK at least and you come across a V6 24v and just a V6 when doing these searches: select the v6 24v as that's the 2495cc engine and the one you'll have in your Mondeo!



The Jaguar version of the 2.5 V6 had a few differences from the Ford one. Different cylinder heads with Variable valve timing, coil on plug ignition. It's a bit smoother and more powerful.


Looks like they used the smaller size too. My dad's 2005 X type is registered as a 2496cc. Yes, 96 not 95. Perhaps they just list it as that so there is some differentiation. 0.166cc per cylinder difference is within margin of error.

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