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AWD front differential , noise and strange "lockup"

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#1 corvette98


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Posted 30 May 2020 - 08:55 PM

Hi,  I´m having trouble with my 2010 Transit 2,4 140ps AWD that I bought last year and kept in storage since.


Straight forward slowly driving no problem , but when turning sometimes strange noise an wibrations and stering stiffens up.

Hard to say when sitting in car , but it feels like front diff locks up and wheels turns same speed.


I had the same noise and behaviour one a 1991Toyota Hiace RWD when the guys at the garage put wrong oil in the differential,

cracking rumble when turning and straight forward ok. They used the same oil as they used in their racecar with LS-diff but for some reason it didn´t coope with the Toyota LS-diff, new oilchange , got the right oil after consulting the local Toyota dealer, it was some Shell-oil , don't remember the specs , but it fixed the problem after driving about 30km  ( approx 20miles )


Could it ber the same problem here ? I have no information about what previous owners have or havent done in case of service/oilchanges


Going to try oilchange tomorrow, that's the cheapest repair , if it works.

Got  Comma "MVMTF Plus 75W-90 GL4" from my local spareparts-shop , and now hoping this fixes the problem.


Have anyone experienced the same problem?


I would say that otherwise the AWD works, hard to say by the way , when using excessive trottle and turning on gravel I would say that first a slight wheelspinn on backwheels and then , as if a second clutch was to be released, frontaxel kicks in an wheelspinn stopps and stability reoccurs, all in fractions of a second but enough to feel.


I havent got all markings of the  diff but some text , Getrag manufacurer  and Ford County label on it , but this shouldn't be of any matter as it,'s a standard Transit AWD ,obviously  all stock and standard .


Any ideas anyone?


Otherwise , Have a nice day


ps. Writing from Finland , sorry if I miss-spelled some of my words but hopefully You gett my drift anyway.

#2 corvette98


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  • Name:Håkan Stenman
  • Location:Finland

Posted 31 May 2020 - 06:29 PM


Oil changed , hard to say if any better, at least now quiet I would say.


One matter whitch I noticed today when testdriving, seemingly one or both frontbrakes applies when problem occurs as I turns after driving slowly forward, byt releases instantly if I slightly touch the breake pedal .


Could my main problem be in ABS /TCS/ESP systems ?


I will incoming week try to change wheelsensors and try to find possible cracks in "abs-rings".

I havent yet checked for faultcodes, no indication by abs-lamp of faults at least.


With hope of assistace

#3 ST56


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Posted 31 May 2020 - 11:33 PM



I noticed just before I replaced a worn rear wheel bearing that ESP would be triggered in a corner even at modest speed. Presumably movement in the bearing was creating a bogus sIgnal at the sensor.


Does your vehicle perhaps have slightly excess play in either front wheel bearings or even a drive shaft joint to create  a similar problem.



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#4 TreborB


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Posted 01 June 2020 - 08:25 AM

Hello Hakan,

I have no knowledge or experience of the diff in your vehicle.

It could be the clutch plates in your diff "over reacting" and "grabbing". It is a well known fault that can suddenly start on some vehicles, especially older Jaguars that I am experienced with.

Just google any of following examples

Limited slip differential additive

Ford limited slip differential additive

Jaguar limited slip differential additive

It will not hurt if you add an additive and is an easy elimination or hopefully a fix



Even if you have put LSD oil in to the diff I would still add a small bottle of the additive on its own as, from experience, just having the correct oil in the diff does not work if the clutch plates become "over active"

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#5 corvette98


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  • Name:Håkan Stenman
  • Location:Finland

Posted 01 June 2020 - 06:29 PM


Thank You for Your answers !


Todays garagetime went to serve an AC on my friends ST220 , odd situation when previous AC-mechanic did fill it up "really good" to be sure, emptied 1459g out of it , as supposed to be full at 830g , 600g to much .

Now OK and vinds of "North Alantic" from nozzles.


So unfortunately my own AWD/TCS/ESP problem was on standby , but rest asure I will keep You updated as of what I find or not find when time comes .


As I already mentioned the extra noise mostly dissapeared along with the oilchange, but if it reoccurs
I will look into the matter of additives, Thank's for the tip.TrevorB.


This points to several faults , one down and second remaining.


Then to Peter's tip.


I will check for to much play in bearings and even swap some wheelsensors , from one of my donercars so they don't put any stress to my wallet.  


Rear bearings of course different type on a 4x4 or RWD Transit compared to the Mondeo where the whole lot is in one piece , similar sensor but I'm not sure , I havent compared them. 


But first things first, I will look in the memorybank for faultcodes like for bogus signal from one or several sensors, no abs-light on so supposeable no codes, but I will check anyway.


The only good in this story is when and if I find the fault I Will be and experience richer, timeconsuming stuff this faultfindingprocess, a bit of " Trial and error " , and I will give all readers of this tread an resume of what I find in the end, and possibly help someone with similar trouble at hand.



Have a nice day, and Thank You again!

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