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£550 2.0 petrol Ghia X Saloon

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#1 ffoy


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  • Vehicle Driven:Mondeo Mistral 2004
  • Name:Graham Foy
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Posted 19 May 2020 - 09:30 PM


I really shouldn't start another Car Diary lol but hey I can't really post about the 2.0 on the Mistral thread so here goes...


I'll mb explain later but basically today I replaced a snapped rear spring on it and learned 2 things on the way:


  • you can't replace the rear-leg if the other wheel is on the ground as the anti-roll bar will be under too much tension to connect the drop-link on the dismantled side
  • best way to get spring back on (with my compressor) is to sit the strut on the spring-platform, not the (lower) bracket 





O/S/R leg removed to replace snapped spring 






1st attempt with strut-bracket facing inwards rod is too kinked to go through spring



strut turned 90 degrees to see if any better 




same issue 




3rd attempt not really safe as unable to put on clamp to secure leg to compressor




but it worked much better




job done  

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#2 ffoy


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  • 452 posts
  • Vehicle Driven:Mondeo Mistral 2004
  • Name:Graham Foy
  • Location:East Kilbride, Scotland

Posted 13 June 2020 - 11:06 PM

Ok. So anyone who has read my other thread in Car Diaries will be familiar with the flavour of it.


This car is pretty good so far but there are a few things doing my tits in about it and MOT time in November will be here before I know it so it's time to sort them.


I bought the car off a mate who only had it for a short time (looong story) and he'd treated it to a pair of used Continental tires up-front. He got wrong size (205/55/17 instead of 205/50/17) but that's not the problem. One is almost bald/illegal on the outer edge already and it's probably because there is a bad wobble on that side. Can't feel where it is coming from when I jacked car up and took wheel off but it may be due to a worn CV joint as that is clicking badly under full-lock .


Anyway I'm sure I read there are several different driveshafts used on the Mondeo and some are hollow and some aren't and it's all a bit of a pain so I'm hoping to just change to offending joint(s) as I have a used shaft that I bought about 5 years ago.


So today I took the joints off it. I've done this before on various cars and came across different types of retaining systems but this was the simple type where you can knock the joint off over a clip that sits on the shaft.


The inner spider is a better design than others I've seen as the needle-bearings on the 3 'wheels' are sealed so the things don't fall apart when you disturb them. You also don't need to remove the tripod from the shaft to get the wheels. They just lift off but it's prob best to keep them on the original bits due to the engineering practise of well you know what I mean with pistons and that


2nd thing doing my nut in is that the glass on the driver's mirror is sort of hanging off.


3rd thing is a leaking rim so am constantly pumping up the O/S/F tire - which is the one that's going bald.



boot disconnected from outer CV joint shows no circlip above so...




... simply knock joint off shaft with large hammer and block of hardwood





disconnecting boot from inner joint it comes apart straight away 




'wheels' lift off tripod journals and are also sealed so will not fall apart as with some types of spider bearings

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