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Ford Transit 350 2.2 euronetic Euro 6

dpf possible underlying issue

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Posted 06 October 2019 - 11:38 AM

Bought this used 3 yrs old from JCT600, within first 500 miles i suffered a failed bottom pulley, belt had sheared off, no power steering, Before the incident, I was worried that the DPF level was increasing very quickly as soon as I would come off the motorway and continue local driving under 40mph for 20-30 mins the dfp level would shoot up from 20% to 70%.  After getting the pulley and belt fixed from Ford with JCT covering the costs Ford also found the rear hub seals were in bad condition and leaking and the brake discs and pads were also in very bad shape

(JCT 600 apparently on paper had replaced them 3 weeks prior to me picking the vehicle up) again JCT covered the costs for new hub seals and all round brake discs/pads.


The DPF issue they asked me to monitor and then take to ford for them to diagnose, ford did a force regen and gave vehicle back at 0%, for the first 20 mins of driving all was good, but then the % rose from 0 to 35 in the space of 10 mins, I took it on the motorway in 5th at 70 just under 3k revs but nothing the level was increasing I got off the motorway with levels at 80 when I got home it was 90 ( I live 1.5 miles away from the motorway exit.  I mentioned this to Ford and the asked for the vehicle to be transported in, they ran another diagnostic test and said that it now needed a new dpf, JCT600 would only pay for a recon dpf at 800 fitted, Ford then rang to say they could not take the two sensors off and may have to break them off adding more costs, JCT finally agreed to another 400 for the sensors.  Within an hour of driving the levels started increasing, I took it on a motorway run and nothing it just kept going up contacted JCT and explained the issue again and the y advised as ford have been replacing parts and dealing with the issue its them i need to speak to, but i did inform JCT that they had authorised me to go to Ford and the that I would be holding JCT liable if this fault which seemed to be present from the get go when it was sold to me. The ford technician and specialist technicians who charge £1 a minute to speak to them were puzzled as to the fast increase round town as it should take a couple of days for it to increase in percentage.  At present no one can tell me what percentage level it goes up to before it shows full is  it at 100% or 150% or even 200% or 300%, some garages have said it could be EGR or turbo oil leak or even the wrong engine oil thats causing the problem.  The vans booked in for Tuesday for them to check the dpf, I think it could be a fault recon dpf unit and should as k for another to be fitted to eliminate this or it is something else and they have mis diagnosed the fault and have been looking in the wrong place.  I am at my wits end and just exhausted as JCT have decided if the issue cannot be resolved within the month of October they will ask for the van back and refund me my costs minus 1k for the mileage/usage, I have had the van for just under 6 months and the first problem started within the first 3 weeks in May 2019 and the DPF similarly, so I have been very patient and have been without the van for 2 to 3 weeks at a time no courtesy van as I need a 12 seater and any mileage I have done has been to test the system is working not for my own pleasure this is from JCT and Ford asking me to test the vehicle for a week or so to see if everything is working.


I hope someone can shed some light onto what percentage should full be and what warning lights should I be seeing to tell me to take it for a run on the motorway as I have not seen any at present and Ford cannot tell me either which is very disappointing. 


Thanks in advance.

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