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Ford Mondeo Ecoboost Titanium X Sport (2011)

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#1 unrealrocks



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Posted 09 May 2019 - 09:13 PM


Hi Guys,


Given I plan to do a few things to this car and already found TF a great resource for figuring things out I thought I'd kick off a thread for my new car. I picked the car up a few weeks ago, from Perrys Ford Mansfield, I don't know much about the history of the car other than it was looked after Noble Motorsport nearby and that the previous owner had owned it since it was ~6 months old. Managed to get them to throw a gearbox oil change, service and brake pad/disc change in at the asking price which I thought seemed reasonable!


First some pictures from pick up day!








Will document the mods as I go along - truth be told I have actually already done some mods so will update a second post straight away with some of the initial mods :) The car is actually to be my wife's daily, I have a Toyota Auris hybrid as I do 30k a year for work and I also have an mk3 MX5 track car but I've owned Fords in the past and really loved them so really happy to have another Ford in the garage :)

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#2 unrealrocks



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Posted 09 May 2019 - 10:20 PM

So approximately 45 minutes after getting it home from the dealership this got plugged in ...




And on went their basic remap! Certainly improved the urgency in the mid-range and probably did give it a little extra at the top end but I'm not really convinced it is anywhere near the 260bhp odd it claims it produces. The extra urgency in the mid range is well worth it and happy for this addition but having driven another TalkFord members remapped pre-facelift car I'm not sure there is a huge difference in outright power - will get some video of them together when we have a chance to compare!


Then the mods stopped for a couple of weeks as we took it on holiday for a week, was nice to give it a proper blast through some country lanes. Certainly four up under moderate driving the standard brakes weren't really amazing, I found they lacked the real stopping power from higher speeds and under repeated braking they were fading so decided I will try a few upgrades when I got back - under normal driving conditions they were absolutely fine but didn't inspire me when pushing on.




Looking smart in its new surroundings haha!


Next mod was to LED indicators on the back - seems so random that Ford supply everything else as LED on the back (apart from the reversing lights which are still to do!) but not the indicators. Will post a video at some point of the differences etc. I had to add some resistors to fool the system but all went together nicely and looks fairly factory now its back in the car.




Hard to tell brightness but other than being more 'orange' than the original bulbs the brightness is almost identical. I used Osram official LED bulbs which although were quite pricey (around £22 a pair) they are far better than the flickery rubbish you get from eBay.




Next was a quick spruce up of the callipers all round with some high temp paint, when it arrived to me they looked terrible and really made behind the wheels look a bit tired, so took them off and gave them a quick clean up and a blast with the high temp silver paint. Not sure how long it'll last but looks good enough for now! Also swapped the ~400mile old Ford pads out for EBC Yellowstuff. I run these in my track car and they are brilliant, I've run the ultimax pads on other general use cars I have with good results so figured I'd give them a go. So far really pleased although not run them in yet so haven't really been leaning on them until the bed-in coating comes off and then I can complete the bedding in process (I know people have varying opinions on this but I just follow what EBC suggest given they make the things!).




Apologies the wheel is filthy haha!


I've also started exploring Forscan and did a adaptive clutch fork relearn thingy - it has really improved the gearbox at pull away and crawling and seems smoother in the lower gears around town. Even the wife noticed the difference!


Future mods,

LED indicators on the front and reversing lights just to tidy it up (no daft LED number plate lights however haha)

Exhaust - realised there is literally no off the shelf options so will go custom at some point

I'm debating the Bilstein B12 suspension setup but would be interested in opinions, I found the existing setup fairly crashy with the existing wheel/tyre combo but also it feels a bit over sprung/under damped ... not sure.

Tyres will move to Michelin PS4Ss at some point, the current Bridgestones that came on the car are fine but not great - will run them for a while to see how I go as the tyre costs are a little eyewatering!

Been looking at further brake upgrades but went for just the pads for now - if that is still not enough for me then I'll look more into the S Max upgrade but not currently.

A full detail and ceramic coat will happen at some point, I've ceramic coated my last few cars and it really was a revelation getting it done as to how clean it keeps the car. The paint is in average condition at the moment - nothing permanent but certainly not been massively loved previously!


Hopefully will keep this thread up to date!

#3 frembrit


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Posted 10 May 2019 - 09:38 AM

The S-Max 2.5T 316mm discs and calipers do make a difference...though you might want to go bigger maybe?



Mondeo 2.2 TDCI Titanium X Sport (MK4.5), Panther Black | S-Max 2.5T front brake calipers and 316mm discs |  Fuel Log


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#4 unrealrocks



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Posted 10 May 2019 - 10:57 AM

The S-Max 2.5T 316mm discs and calipers do make a difference...though you might want to go bigger maybe?




If nothing else the calipers look cool haha! I am going to test out the upgraded pads first, in truth this car will be used as a daily for my wife and weekend trips - I was giving it quite a bit of grief in the first week of ownership and is unlikely to be driven that hard too often ... but its nice to have the extra stopping power! I have been reading about the options to use brakes from the V70 but haven't seen anyone with details around exactly which parts fit (and which don't) - any ideas? I won't be paying mega bucks for a big brake kit ... that really is not worth it for this car and I think my Mrs will go bonkers if I spent £1500 on brakes for it, given I spent less than that on my track car haha!

#5 unrealrocks



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Posted 10 May 2019 - 08:46 PM

Forgot I had ordered some new puddle lights - Chinese shipping feels like you get random presents as you forget about ordering something by the time it arrives haha!


They are multi LED, full replacement puddle light units.


Had a few minutes after putting the little one to bed so popped the mirror glass off, undid the T15 screw, popped out the existing housing and dropped these in. And entirely forgot to take any relevant pictures haha!




Fairly cool white but not blue at all, look really great and 1000x brighter than the stock ones. Product 1309087 on Bang good if anyone is interested :)

#6 unrealrocks



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Posted 18 May 2019 - 11:42 AM

Not an upgrade I had planned on this weekend, but came to use the car a couple of days ago and it was not happy.


Tested the battery and got this ...




So decided that was toast, I also did a parasitic drain test on the car and dropped to under 50mA (think it was about 20mA but the bench supply I used to do the test isn't super accurate down that low). Rang Ford given I'd bought it from them only 5 weeks ago or so, not much luck as they say the battery is a consumable and not under warranty - not hugely impressed, but to be honest I don't have the time to argue over a new battery (travelling a lot at the moment so far quicker to just buy another than travelling back to the garage for a moan).




Slight upgrade in terms of equivalent specs, and a more modern battery. That battery housing is a pain to get things into! All fitted back up and the car is much happier, ran Forscan and found I had errors all over the shop from low voltage so I cleared them and all seems good.


One thing (will probably post a separate thread around this) is I notice the body control module is still listing the battery as 1600 odd days old, I tried to run the battery control reset in Forscan but it failed ... I wonder if I need to do something else to reset it. Any ideas?

#7 grasmere59


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Posted 18 May 2019 - 02:59 PM battery reset

I think theres something in this thread about the battery reset.

#8 unrealrocks



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Posted 18 September 2019 - 02:28 PM

No updates for a little while, to be honest the car has just been used and forgotten about for a little while.


So far 5 months in I am still quite enjoying the car but had quite a number of problems! Most notably an all of a sudden detached and damaged intake manifold (or so I am told by Ford) left me with entirely 4 bhp and a car that just stalled almost constantly. Suffice to say it went back to Ford under warranty and they have resolved the issue. Took a little longer than I hoped (just under 2 weeks) but they resolved it free of charge, no questions asked which was decent enough given I was on holiday for nearly the entire time it was with them.




In the last couple of weeks I've noticed when using the heating it has been steaming up a little and also when another TalkFord member drove it they noticed it smelled a bit musty and they mentioned it might be the moisture not draining correctly. Had the drivers footwell apart and sure enough ... it was horribly mouldy! I have now bleached all of that down, carpet vacced the clean carpets dry and it seems to be much better. Oh and unclogged the blocked pipe haha!




Most recently I came to the car a few nights ago and noticed this ... suffice to say it will be going back to Ford yet again for a replacement LED cluster :(




Think I've put to bed most of the modification ideas, tyres are still on my list but that really is when they need doing. Still tempted to look into a custom exhaust given it really is extremely quiet! Brakes seem good now I have changed the pads over to YellowStuff. Think I'm getting used to the gearbox as well - still not a huge fan however haha!

#9 Ash_XSport



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Posted 30 September 2019 - 10:06 PM

Ace looking car , I have an 09 plate x sport estate in black , not much u can seem to do relating to exterior changes

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