Intermittent starting fault - Diesel Engines (Mk4 Mondeo) -

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Intermittent starting fault

starter solenoid ignition power power button stop start

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#1 nick307


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Posted 29 March 2019 - 08:34 AM

My '12 mondeo 1.6tdci has started to have issues when starting. These issues seem to be more prevalent when the car is cold (mornings) or has been stood around for a while (after work). It's only started in the last few days, but has got worse pretty quickly.


I've got keyless ignition, but I'm fairly sure its not that thats the problem, as it persists with both keys, and trying both keys in the key hole next to the steering wheel which I believe is the override for keyless if the car can't recognise that the key is infact in the car.


Normal startup procedure is power on, give it a few seconds to think about things / preheat, clutch down, power button to start, vroom vroooom. When I press the power button is just get a heavy sounding click, like a relay snapping closed. Everything inside the car seems to power down slightly to account for the extra draw on the battery, which is what it always used to do, but thats all I get. A click, and 2 seconds of everything being a bit quieter. It gives up trying to start after those 2 seconds and then I start the process of clutch up, clutch down, power button, click, try again.


The battery is a few months old and was the right kinda expensive one from ECP after they told me I wasn't allowed to fit a much cheaper flooded lead acid battery, so I don't think that the battery is the culprit here.


Potential causes:



keyless ignition system

starter motor

starter solenoid / relay

dodgy wiring

engine management faults (haven't checked)


Anyone had anything similar happen or got any other ideas about what it might be???


Cheers guys!

#2 jovanzac



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Posted 29 March 2019 - 08:10 PM

I had once problems with starting,2.0 tdci. Sometimes ,as i remember, i felt like a delay in cranking,like battery is low,slow slugish cranking. It turned out that the ground from the engine and the chassis is loose somewhere. What i did is i put new wire from engine to chassis. Since then starting is ok.
You might also check with help of another battery and if it is the same i think starter needs cleaning. Also check starter relay.

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