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Fiesta Owner Reviews

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mad fez


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Posted 02 January 2016 - 08:30 PM

I have a 2001 mk5 5 door 1.8TD DI.
I have to say its a fantastic, solid, reliable, bomb proof, work horse.
I only had this as an inbetween car and now I won't give it up for anything. I'm normaly a big car person but I get by on this.

Right: reasons why I like it.
It starts on half a turn with no need for glow plugs. Better than most petrol cars.
It as a heavy cast iron solid engine which is durable.
It is actually semi quite spacious if u want to cram stuff in.
It runs on anything and everything you put in the tank and doesn't get a sh1t. You know what I mean. And it won't smoke its head off from it.
Tax ban is really low for the year. £63.25 for 6 months. Not bad for an old 1.8 turbo diesel.
And on the police register it weighs 1200kg. Now that's heave for a small car. That means I was able to fit a tow bar and I towed a 14ft caravan all the way down to Temby for a holiday and back and it handled really well. You don't need a bed saloon to tow caravans lol. Mad or what. Caravaning with a fiesta.
and plenty of cars in scrap Yeard to get parts from.
Also quite good on fuel. Even better if your running it on anything that's cheep.

Bits I'm not so keen on:
Parts I thought would be cheep on a fiesta but they arnt that cheep. Espeshally engine and transmission parts. Christ!!! Clutch kits are real expensive. I shot my pants at the price. Timing belt is tiny and yet costs £80 plus. If your turbo ever goes it costs more than the car I bull sh1t you not.
Parts arnt easy to fit compared to other small cars of the year.
And as all fiesta's do they need welding. But I was smart and treated my underside by rubbing it all down and giving it underseal.
And the headlights are crap. That's something I'm looking to replace.

But all in all if you want a small car that you can run into the ground and go over 200,000 miles and should never give you trouble get this. But obviously you need to service it lol.
For god sale stay away from TDCI diesels. Not good.

Also, I'm going to get mine remapped. This is due to the fact it will increase the BHP from 75 standard to 90-100. And the mpg will go up buy 10-25. That makes Sence in everyway.
It's basically getting programmed with the ford focus settings I beleave as they have the same engine.

Hope this helps anyone that wants to know a good old ford when they see one.

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