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Common problems with exhaust/induction?

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#1 Nick


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Posted 11 March 2011 - 02:55 AM

I'm updating the Mondeo Mk3 Buyers Guide. Is there anything which needs looking at when purchasing a Mk3 Mondeo? How long does the exhaust last for on average?

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#2 totalguy


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Posted 20 March 2011 - 09:30 PM

i can tell you i had oem exhaust on my old tddi and it lasted 140k before the back box fell off. should apply to tdci too as they have the same exhausts. i know its mk2 but my old mk2 td exhaust lasted 170k before it needed repair and theyre very similar in design. i think the best thing to say is diesel exhausts last well :}

as for induction most people prefer the K&N panel filter on the diesels compared to an induction kit
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#3 Mabok01


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Posted 27 March 2011 - 10:23 PM

My OEM exhaust is on 277k.

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#4 compuwiz_uk


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Posted 29 March 2011 - 02:36 PM

over 150k & still on the OEM zorst & cat here :D ( 1.8 petrol though )

as for common gripes ( apart from the back box occasionally falling off on the dervs ) are the heatshields rot through in places over time due to the metal fixing bits used to fasten em to the car rusting & eating through the heatshield, this then lets the heatshield drop on to the zorst & rattle like a goodun :} ( mostly rear box heatshield but can happen anywhere along the zorst as i have had mine go on most of the panels to varying degree's )

dont know if its common or not but my mota ( with K&N 57i cone filter ) went through a patch of a few weeks of being very embarrassing when switching off the engine, the car would make an rather loud growling type noise from the intake system ( got many a stare i can tell you :} - even had a video of it at one point as i was going to post about it ) but it went just as suddenly as it started up ( dont know what caused it & what cured it as i changed nothing at all before or after etc )

intake manifold problems on the 4-pot petrols ( probably covered under the 4-pot engine mind but worth a mention )

the dervs are prone to drowning in what could be classed as a moderate puddle if hit in a manner it dislikes ( floods are a begger really ) due to bad placement of drain holes in the intake pipe mixed with the extra airflow passing through it due to the turbo compared with N/A petrol models etc - the holes are just above the bottom level of the bumper so it does not take a huge puddle to upset it if the wheel arch liner lets lots of water towards the intake pipework etc or you drive in water that higher than the foglights during floods etc )

dervs have a tendancy to split a pipe leading to the intercooler if memory serves ( although again may be covered under that particular engine too )

any engine type, if the service history says Full dealer service history then check the air ( & pollen too but thats for the other section really ) filter(s) as they have a habbit of not being changed due to the owners assumption that they are included & not as extras like most dealers have them as etc

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#5 mk3_turbo



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Posted 18 March 2012 - 02:48 AM

  • On Mk3 diesels-
  • The exhaust can get rusty/ holed just before the backbox, you won't notice it (the turbo quietens the noise) untill the backbox falls off (90k+)
  • The exhaust can also shear (due to have been weakened due to age/ rust) just before the middle silencer (on models fitted with one)
  • The inlet manifold can get contaminated/ clogged with carbon (on the TDCI models), and some of the pipes/ hoses (on the TDDI models with the EGR valve at the rear), from the exhaust gasses eminating from the EGR valve, restricting the air going into the engine, potentially causing a rich mixture, rough running, poor(er) economy, black smoke, dashboard error light/s and poor(er) performance. 40k+
  • Oil from the crankcase enters the inlet via the breather just in front of the turbo, this can contaminate all the pipes from that point, and more importantly the intercooler (that the oil condenses in), as well as mixing with the carbon deposits from the EGR valve, eventually creating an oily mess in the inlet manifold.(problems as above, exept intercooler does not work so efficiently)
  • The turbo hose can split near the bottom where it joins on to the chassis (due to age/ heat and the realative movement between the engine/ chassis), causing lack of power and poor(er) economy.

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