Goodyear EfficientGrip Tyre Reviews

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Goodyear EfficientGrip Tyre Reviews

Average Dry Grip Rating:
Average Wet Grip Rating:
Average Roadnoise Rating:

Overall, in value for money terms, our members rate this tyre based on collectively driving this tyre for 73500 miles.


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  • ThatPaul
    24 May 2015 - 12:04 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 53000
    Size: 215 55 17
    Vehicle Fitted To: Mondeo 140 TDI Estate
    Price Paid: £120

    Had these on my car from new and although I got through the fronts in around 26,500 miles the rears lasted to an incredible 53,000 and I could have maybe got another few thousand out of them.
    Just replaced all with Efficient Grip Performance, which looks like an overall replacement for originals. It is quieter than the old Efficient Grip and seems better in the wet too, not that the old EGs were that bad. New EGs very comfortable and corners superbly in wet.
    Had to play around with the tyre pressures but 35psi fronts and 32psi rear (set 'cold' at 20C) seems about perfect for ride and handling when I drive alone. Put additional 3-4 psi in the rears when I have a load in the back but maintain 35psi in the fronts, otherwise ride becomes too hard for me. As well as great ride, excellent handling (wet, dry and cornering) and good wear characteristics, these beauties turn in great fuel economy also. Best I have used actually.
    Not the cheapest replacement tyre but great value for money. Fully recommend them and will buy again 100%!
  • dinny66
    05 August 2013 - 06:42 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 2500
    Size: 205 55 16
    Vehicle Fitted To: Mondeo tdci 130 5dr
    Price Paid: £296 for 4

    Got these through Tesco Tyres, aka Blackcircle (gotta get those points for Florida! ).
    Replacing my winter Hankook Optimo 4S's.

    Can't praise them enough. Lovely and quiet, drive nice and smooth. Feel very surefooted in the dry and recent wet.

    Bargain price as well. Considering they're Goodyear and not some rubbish cheap make.
  • Christopher Smith
    12 April 2012 - 07:46 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 18000
    Size: 205 50 17
    Vehicle Fitted To:
    Price Paid: £

    Currently still have these horrid tyres on the front, since the moment they were on poorer grip than Pirrelle P6000/Mich Prims.
    Road noise is noticably increased and ride harder.
    Seems to wear must faster than the other two tyre types I've had.
    Poor when temperature is below freezing, very unpredictable on anything but a flat road.