Falken ZE912 Tyre Reviews

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Falken ZE912 Tyre Reviews

Average Dry Grip Rating:
Average Wet Grip Rating:
Average Roadnoise Rating:

Overall, in value for money terms, our members rate this tyre based on collectively driving this tyre for 37000 miles.


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  • Martin L
    26 July 2012 - 10:34 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 11000
    Size: 195 60 15
    Vehicle Fitted To: Focus mk1 estate
    Price Paid: ££65.00

    I've had these fitted for 7 months and covered 11000 miles and they seem to be lasting well. A fairly quiet tyre compared to other make I've had and grip seems to be good in most conditions. My driving style is a daily cummute of 85 miles round trip on mainly fast roads so there's not too much wear and tear from city driving. I will replace with the same tyres when neeeded as cost and porformance seem to be fine for me.
  • Deet27
    05 July 2012 - 10:03 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 11000
    Size: 205 55 16
    Vehicle Fitted To: Mondeo Mk3 2.0 Hatchback
    Price Paid: ££60

    Had these tyres on the front of my Mondeo for the last few months.

    Tyres have lasted 11k and would of hoped they lasted longer BUT the Car is used as a Taxi so all town driving (constantly braking, accelerating and U turning in roads) never getting a proper run like most people.

    They have always stopped me when I have needed too from speeds 20-40mpg wet or dry, including the other day in the wet and did not notice the car in front had stopped, Braked (you get that feeling that you KNOW you have left it to late and are ready for an impact) but I stopped 1-2ft to spare.

    Very happy with the tyre However 11k I am disappointed, unsure if it is the fact that :-

    I am now taxing, Previous car Fiat stilo 1.2, I used to rotate my tyres and get 25-30k out of them OR a combination of the above.

    I will be changing my Tyres to Premiums just to get a better comparison. However would be happy to buy again.
  • bailes1992
    30 June 2012 - 07:01 AM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 15000
    Size: 195 60 15
    Vehicle Fitted To: Ford Focus MK1
    Price Paid: ££75 per tyre

    Bought these to replace some Michellins on the front of the Focus.
    The difference between this, essentially budget make and the premium tyres were unreal.
    These gripped harder in the dry and the wet, they were very very quiet and after 15000miles they wearn't showing any signs of wear.

    I am definatley considering them as a replacement for the Bridgestones on my Mondeo.