Continental Winter Contact TS 830 P Tyre Reviews

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Continental Winter Contact TS 830 P Tyre Reviews

Average Dry Grip Rating:
Average Wet Grip Rating:
Average Roadnoise Rating:

Overall, in value for money terms, our members rate this tyre based on collectively driving this tyre for 50000 miles.


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  • GanNic
    04 November 2015 - 05:42 PM

    Dry Grip:
    Wet Grip:
    Mileage Covered When Reviewed: 50000
    Size: 225 40 18
    Vehicle Fitted To: Mondeo Ghia Estate 2.2 Diesel
    Price Paid: £4x £127

    The ULTIMATE winter tyre.
    I had these fitted on my Mondeo for 4 years winter and summer never taking them off when working from the Alps in Winter to Sicily in summer. Pulling a trailer with 5 toolboxes and stock weighing about 1500Kg. No problem in recommending these Continentals.
    Would I buy again? YES. But I am now based back in the UK and on an economy drive so have fitted summer tyres to the car instead and bought snow socks to compliment my chains.