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(Forum Rules)

Welcome to TalkFord.com!

Every forum needs rules to run smoothly, please read our rules fully before making a post, users who violate these rules risk being banned permanently.

All content on this site is completley free. We do not charge for access, help or advice. All we ask is that you allow us to show you targeted advertisements, this is what supports the site and allows us to keep running.

Users must register a valid email address to enter the site. The address will not be used for any other purpose then to send you your password.


You’ll find this forum near the top of our community zone, please come and say hello once you’ve registered but remember its for introductions only; technical questions must be posted in the relevant forum!


We run a 3 strike policy; this means if we feel you are abusing the rules on the site or causing disruption / upset to other members we may issue a warning strike which will contain the details of why it was issued – in some cases a temporary restriction to the site will be issued at the same time.

We reserve the right to permanently exclude (ban) any member indefinitely at any time from accessing our site.

Persons found to be spamming the site, which can include links to unauthorised businesses, will be immediately banned.


All registered members are welcome to sell their privately owned personal items. There are rules in place which must be adhered to, else your advert will be immediately withdrawn.

All members are requested NOT to reply or PRIVATE TOPIC persons asking for/selling parts/vehicles in the regular forums and to use the “Notify Moderator” button immediately.

Sales are arranged between you and the buyer only - TalkFord.com has no liability for any problems that may arise. With the exception of payment and address details all correspondence must be posted into the original Sale/Wanted thread and not in Private Messages. We urge you to be careful when choosing a payment / postage method and select ones which have tracking / insurance options.


Under no circumstances can you no Advertise any other clubs/forums/businesses/websites, without prior consent. This includes Avatars, links in signatures and referral (link) websites.

Anyone found trying to recruit our members for other websites will be banned instantly.


If you are a trader, and you wish to advertise/sell on TalkFord.com, please view our Advertising page.


Please do not post in CAPITALS as it indicates shouting and makes posts harder to read.

Do not post the same thread in multiple forums, if you have posted in the wrong forum by mistake and it is too late to delete your post then use the "Notify Moderator" button at the bottom of the post and we will move it to the correct forum, you do not need to create an additional thread!


Posts encouraging Speeding, Racing or dangerous driving will be deleted or locked. In general if it’s illegal to do on the road we don’t want to hear about how you did it anyway and in the same sense posts about maximum speeds obtained should be clearly stated as on-track or off-road.


Microcat, TIS and E-TIS are Copyright of Ford Motor Corporation. Posting quotes or images from either source would be a breach of that copyright and result in a warning strike. The software itself is also copyrighted and not for public sale, therefore any member asking for, selling or copying it will be issues a warning strike.

“KeyCode” radio codes should be obtained from a Ford dealer - please do not start threads asking where they can be obtained from.


Our forum software runs an automatic censor, which replaces some words with *****. Trying to get around this by misspelling or adding characters to a word will result in your post being deleted and repeated offences will result in a warning. If you feel a word has been wrongly censored then send a PRIVATE TOPIC to a moderator who will evaluate the problem.


Please remember these forums are publicly viewable, there will be times when members ask for help regarding disabling the immobiliser/alarm system. Generally these posts should be ignored, under no-circumstances should a user post specific instructions regarding how to bypass alarms, immobilisers or locks which includes the factory fitted units.

For the same reasons please be careful if posting about a break in or attempted theft - detailed info on "what the thief did" can easily be copied.


By registering to use TalkFord.com you consent that all the content you create on the website is free of copyright at the point of submission to TalkFord.com and becomes property of TalkFord.com upon submission to the website.


Images may be submitted to our gallery by all registered users. Users agree that TalkFord.com may use these images for website related matters, publications, how-to's and literature. You may only submit pictures you took yourself and as such all images submitted to TalkFord.com are believed to be in the public domain, however if you own, and can prove, copyright ownership then TalkFord.com will gladly remove any item.

Putting an image in your signature is forbidden; they destroy the layout of our forums, cause clutter and slow down the site as a whole.


Signatures can be up to 850 characters - we allow a high number of characters for formatting and links however we operate an 8 line text limit (as viewed at 1024x768)

Please keep your signature on or below 8 lines of text, inluding empty lines / paragraph spacers.

We prefer all signatures to include the members vehicle details, ie “1999 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 Petrol” - this makes for faster and more accurate replies.


There will be times when another member doesn't agree with you - there is nothing wrong with an open discussion but keep to the subject! When it turns personal, slating others openly can easily get out of hand, if you have a problem with another member then either email them or PRIVATE TOPIC them direct.

If you find a post that is a personal attack on yourself then use the "Alert Moderator" button (at the bottom of each post) to tell us – please do not reply to it. Anyone threatening another member will receive a warning strike. Racial or other discriminating remarks will receive an instant ban.

Please remember this is a car forum, we don't need to hear all the details of your life, whilst they are interesting to you, others may not share your enthusiasm!

We are a family oriented site; sexual material/matchmaking isn’t welcome here.


Are here to protect the site and ensure it runs properly, there may be times when a post is removed or locked if we feel it has deteriorated or can go no further. If we have a concern about a post/reply it will be moved to a private forum for discussion between our management team - we will then tell the original poster why the post has been removed or restore it if we feel it can continue without problem. Whilst it may be frustrating not knowing where your post has gone, please do not start another thread asking were it has gone - be patient or send a PRIVATE TOPIC to a moderator.


Posting with the sole intention to "up your post count" is not only stupid but also automatically recorded. Users doing this have their post count zeroed.


Our terms of use are our privacy policy are available to view here:
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