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Announcement: Discounted Car Club Insurance

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Due to you being a member of and us teaming up with insurance companies, you can qualify for discounted rates when it comes to insuring your car. This is because we recommend these companies based on their experience with operating with car clubs, and thus in return they offer lower prices. They also understand that people like to modify their cars, so you won't be refused insurance simply for having a bodykit fitted!

We work with the UK's leading specialist club insurance company, Chris Knott Insurance

Chris Knott Insurance:

The scheme starts for ages 21 and over for Comprehensive cover, & 19 and over for TPF&T cover. It caters for modifications and all drivers must have held a full UK licence for at least 1 year, and if wishing to insure a 'performance' car, there must be at least 10 months experience of driving that, or similar performance cars. Unfortunately, it excludes Northern Ireland.

Call 0800 917 2274 or 01580 752961 & please don't forget to quote reference '792'

If you've got any questions about the scheme, simply ask in the support topic, Chris Knott Insurance