Smarter and More Stylish New C-MAX and Grand C-MAX Offer Families Enhanced Comfort and Refinement

Brighter future
The New C-MAX family is offered with LED Daytime Running Lights, Bi-Xenon HID headlamps and Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System that adjusts the headlight beam angle to one of seven settings depending on traffic and road conditions. For example; when cornering at lower speeds, the system will project a beam towards the side of the road to make cyclists and pedestrians more visible. The system also will support drivers cornering at higher speeds by directing light further into the bend.

The new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX will for the first time offer Ford’s MyKey technology, which enables owners to programme a key – usually for younger drivers – that restricts the top speed, reduces the maximum volume of the audio system, and can disable the audio system altogether if driver and passengers are not using safety belts. The system also can prevent the driver from deactivating safety technologies such as Traction Control.

“C-MAX and Grand C-MAX deliver a more relaxing experience with chassis and interior enhancements, but also with sophisticated driver assistance technologies,” Baumbick said. “The ability to see more clearly in challenging conditions, to detect potential accidents and to keep less experienced drivers safe provide additional assurance and reduce stress for drivers whether at the wheel or not.”

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