Ford EcoSport (2014) Review

Space & Practicality

  • Seating Capacity: 5 (though realistically it is closer to 4 ½ )
  • Boot Space: 346 litres (variable, depending on back seats incline); 1238 litres when the seats folded and rolled forward all the way.

It’s easy to get in and out of the Ford EcoSport

In terms of interior space the EcoSport feels somewhat deceptive. While on the outside it feels bigger than you would expect, on the inside it feels smaller than you would expect. Indeed, this is where the fact that it is built on the Fiesta platform becomes immediate obvious. Though the EcoSport is longer than the hatchback, in terms of cabin size it is more or less in the same ballpark. And because of the contrast with the bigger size of the exterior, and the somewhat reduced level of natural lighting coming in, it can feel even smaller!
That is not to say that there isn’t enough space for most people’s needs. The front can seat comfortably two adults of just about any size, and so can the back. Despite any first impressions, once inside you will not feel cramped in, wherever you choose to sit. Though if you want to fit three people in the back, they might need to be somewhat smaller.


Good amounts of legroom available

Legroom is perfectly satisfactory in the back as well, even for someone rather tall. 6 foot and above should still be fine. It would not be too comfortable to try and catch a nap on the backseat of the EcoSport, but otherwise it should serve the needs of an average 2+2 family very well. What is more, getting in and out of the car requires minimal effort for someone of average height, with there being no need either to climb down into the seats, or climb up to them. This is true of both front and rear seats. If you want to take the same 2+2 family on holiday, however, you might wish to plan the luggage you take with you quite carefully. If the backseats are in use, the boot is only about 362 litres and can probably fit 2 large suitcases stacked on top of each other, but not much more on top of that. The situation is greatly improved if the back seats are folded forward fully, as these can be rolled forward almost all the way up to the back of the front seats. This clears up most of the area behind the driver’s seat for storage, and the EcoSport can finally start to claim some SUV utility. Don’t expect to be able to move house in one go like this, but there will be enough space for 6-7 large suitcases, and then some on top.


The Ford EcoSport has a 346 litre boot

It seems that most of the gap between the expectations of how much space there will be in an EcoSport and how much there actually is, comes from the way in which Ford have achieved the raised profile for the car. Once you open any door, including the boot door, you will notice that there is almost no depth inside the cabin. The lower edges of the doors are very close to the same level as the floor of the cabin, and that is very high from the road. Yet none of the space under this high floor is utilisable by you, even in the boot. Ford have reserved all that space from the raised profile of the car entirely for the mechanics of the vehicle. So the boot space is not nearly what you would hope for. While 346 litres sounds acceptable, it really looks small next to the space in some hatchbacks, and is not a huge gain in “utility” on the new Fiesta’s 276 Litres in practical terms. This is perhaps the reason why Ford decided to put the spare wheel outside. If they had decided to try and put the wheel inside the car, there would have been precious little space left for luggage in the boot.

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