Ford EcoSport (2014) Review


The new EcoSport can be quite a difficult car to get your head around. Though this should not be surprising for a car in the mini SUV sector, so snugly tucked between much more recognisable and established car categories, such as the hatchback and the full SUV. It can feel both bigger than you had expected and smaller than you had expected, at the same time.

Ford EcoSport - Will it be a big seller?

Ford EcoSport – Will it be a big seller?

This ambivalence also holds true when it comes to quality, and the perception of quality. This may be an unavoidable consequence of the price point usually attacked by cars in this segment. Underneath the skin, the car feels solid and properly built. The mechanical side of things performs brilliantly, and the driving experience reflects that. And though it is too soon to pronounce on its long-term reliability, all indications are that Ford have put together a vehicle that meets their usual high standards in that regard. But on top of the solid mechanical core, many details around the car amd especially inside the cabin will remind you that you have bought a car that sits very much at the “value” end of the market: cheap feeling plastic dashboard, cheap feeling seat trims, overall sense of austerity, and the lack of certain features one would have assumed to be standard, and so on.

Having said that, this car truly is value for money. Ford may have skimped on certain embellishments, but there is no indication that they have skimped on any of the important details of the car. If given the choice of what features should be of the highest quality, and which can be sacrificed to meet a low price point, you would probably agree with the choices that Ford has made here.

If you buy an EcoSport, chances are you are not going to regret it. But, even so, there may well be, at the back of your mind, a small niggle that will persist: “Should I have bought the Fiesta”? There are some important differences between the two cars, yet only a couple of them can sway you definitively in favour of the EcoSport: the raised profile of the car (with the concurrent advantages in terms of viewing position, ground clearance and the wading depth), and the frankly not that impressive extra utility derived from having roof rails and a marginally larger boot. It is entirely possible that you may find that those factors can sway your buying decisions strongly in favour of the EcoSport, but before making any such decision, it is strongly recommended that you test drive other cars on offering, both from the wider Ford range, or from other competitors in this segment of the market.

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